When You Strike At A King, You Should Destroy Him

For the past 3 several years, President Donald J. Trump has been beneath unrelenting assault from the Democrat Occasion, its fellow tourists the mainstream media and far more than a couple RINO enablers and even 1 or two flat out traitors. Nonetheless he continues to be unbowed, undefeated and unrelenting in reaching his goals. As I noted beforehand, President Trump proceeds to rack up his record of marketing campaign claims kept. Yesterday nevertheless, something improved. If you considered Donald Trump the counterpuncher was undesirable, perfectly people, now that he has been acquitted of the baseless prices spawned by Democrat fevered creativeness, the gloves have now arrive off and the retribution will be swift and distressing.

At Thursday’s Annual Prayer Breakfast, The President served recognize that he was loathe to adopt the Bushes, père et fils policy of turning the other cheek in hope that the Leftists would cut them a break. The Democrat Bash just looks at that as weak spot. President Trump discovered that lesson prolonged ago. The President remarked,

“I do not like individuals who use their faith as justification for carrying out what they know is incorrect,”

In an apparent if oblique shot at Senator Mitt Romney’s cowardly and disloyal guilty vote…

“Nor do I like persons who say, ‘I pray for you’ when you know that is not so….”

That was a veiled shot at Speaker Pelosi who the moment claimed that as a excellent Catholic, she prayed for President Trump each day…two lies for the value of a person. It was all the far more pleasant to see that Madam Speaker was in just a few feet of The President when he created these remarks. Her facial gyrations had been a horrifying sight to behold.

Later, at the White Dwelling, for the duration of his push briefing about the Impeachment final results, President Trump permit us all know how he seriously feels. This time he named names.

“These persons are vicious. Adam Schiff is a vicious, terrible person. Nancy Pelosi is a terrible person. And she needed to impeach a prolonged time ago…”

President Trump is correct and these persons have to have to comprehend that their try at political regicide, murder, lynching, mutiny, tender coup or regardless of what you want to phone it, has unsuccessful. They have remaining The King unwounded. As Ralph Waldo Emerson mentioned, “When you strike at a king, you should kill him.”

Given the ignominy of the Democrats newest defeats, I can visualize an allegorical route forward for Trump, that reminds me of the ultimate scene in the original Godfather motion picture. In that scene, Michael is attending the Christening of his nephew, while all around the region, all of his tormentors are being whacked.

Here’s the clip. It is fairly ugly. You should take note, neither I or Purple Point out are hinting at a lot considerably less advocating violence.


President Trump’s political edition of that scene has been playing out in suits and starts off, but has now gotten critical. Here are just a few Now 4**, the latest examples…with much more to observe I’m sure. Envision a film scene parallel to The Godfather, exactly where The Men and women perform the part of the Priest, President Trump is responding their interrogatories and in a series of scene cuts, numerous anti-Trumpers are currently being dealt with.

The Individuals: Will you make The usa Good Yet again?
Trump: I WILL make The usa great all over again.
Scene: Lower to Utah Legislators introducing a monthly bill to recall Senator Romney.

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The People today: Will you make The us Great Once more?
Trump: I WILL make The us great once more.
Scene: Reduce to U.S. Treasury Agents handing around Hunter Biden Economic Files to Senate Investigators

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The Men and women: Will you make America Good Yet again?
Trump: I WILL make America terrific once more.
Scene: Slash to LTC Vindman, together with his brother, staying escorted out of the White Home and off the National Protection Council team.

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The Individuals: Will you make America Fantastic Once more?
Trump: I WILL make The us fantastic yet again.
Scene: Lower to Ambassador Gordon Sondland being escorted out of the State Department Creating

Browse: Trump fires crucial impeachment witness Gordon Sondland as EU ambassador

Trump is not and ought to not adhere to in the route of earlier Republicans like the Bushes. Senator Romney will locate out shortly, just how brief the hold time is involving currently being a media darling for defying President Trump, and his return to an item of Democrat scorn and derision. The President has designed a fantastic start out. You should come to feel cost-free to record in the reviews, any other scenes you’d like to see performed out as aspect of this film finale. (No violence you should).

I’ll depart you with one last, delighted warrior thought…

“A man’s biggest satisfaction is to defeat his enemies, to travel them before him, to consider from them that which they possessed, to see those whom they cherished in tears, to trip their horses, and to keep their wives and daughters in his arms.”

—Genghis Kahn

**Range 4 firing broke as I was putting up this.

Mike Ford

Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military services, Foreign Affairs and often dabbles in Political and Financial issues. 

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