The Imbalanced and Unhinged California Gov. Gavin Newsom Gets the Holiday Mockery He Has Earned



When someone is THIS out of control ridicule and derision are the required reactions.

As we have watched over the past week or so Gavin Newsom has gone from his usual hyper-leftist wing-nut policy proposals to a realm of governance that possibly could only be described with the political terminology of, bat-crap lunacy. 

We get that with a new spike in Covid cases a leader wants to appear as if they are in some measure of control. Newsom however feels as if he can wave his Harry Potter scepter and have new enforcement take place without repercussions. He also seems to think people are not monitoring his own actions. How else to describe a man who wants to impose restrictions on our private gatherings while he goes out and parties in the very fashion he has criminalized?

His latest head-shaking order is to impose a statewide curfew, banning people from going out in public from 10pm to 5am…because not only is the virus sentient and able to discern when a crowd is made of protestors or Donald Trump supporters, it is also nocturnal. Once faced with these deeply scientific measures the general public reacts in a couple of ways. One is to basically say, ‘’Yea, screw off Gavin, we’re having the family feast!’’ The other is to mock the idiocy in proper and correct fashion.

Sometimes the mockery is self-evident. All you need to do is simply read what the governor has written.


For these reasons fewer and fewer people are willing to give his demand any respect.

Oooooo, you mocked his hair, that is a harsh blow.

What is revealing here is that there were so many who saw this entry from a satire site and actually felt it was a news item.


You feel this one.

And already people are making their own resistance iconography.

We have to admit to wanting one of these.

Basically, take heart Californians. The rest of the nation supports your fight against this creeping (leaping) statism. We got your back.

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