The Hypocrisy Meter Explodes After CNN’s Chris Cuomo Scolds Kentucky Protesters for Not Staying at Home

Anchor Chris Cuomo – screen grab via CNN.

Earlier today I wrote about how well-paid anchor Don Lemon went on an unhinged rant Monday night, mocking and belittling unemployed ‘stay at home’ protesters from the comfort of his lavish CNN studio, which was equipped with make-up artists, fashion stylists, and lighting directors.

As Lemon boiled down the protesters’ complaints to wanting to get haircuts, play golf, and show off their guns in public, his colleague Chris Cuomo nodded in agreement. Cuomo did so from the basement of his home, where dramatic video had been filmed earlier of him emerging from the basement as though it was his first time out of it since he was diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus a few weeks ago after ignoring his brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s advice on social distancing.

The day after that video was filmed, Cuomo retweeted an article about how Kentucky had seen “the highest spike in coronavirus cases” after protesters had taken to the streets to protest Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear’s stay at home orders.

Included in Cuomo’s retweet was a smug scolding for people to “please think about others” before venturing outdoors:

It was a baffling remark to see him make, considering how he admittedly broke his Wuhan coronavirus quarantine on Easter Sunday by venturing out to his under-construction East Hampton home with family members, where a fellow New Yorker called him out for breaking quarantine.

On his radio program the next day, Cuomo referred to the 65-year-old bicyclist as a “jackass, loser, fat-tire biker”, and complained about his cushy CNN gig.

The stench of Cuomo’s hypocrisy was overwhelming, and this tweet summed it up best:

It also should be noted for the record that not one CNN anchor or journalist who has lectured protesters and others for not staying at home has had a single word to say about how Cuomo broke quarantine while he was still suffering from the virus.

In fact, two days after the Easter Sunday trip, Cuomo was still complaining about not being able to shake the fever he had.

Why, it’s almost as though these high-paid CNN journalists have one standard for themselves, and another set for the common man. Who knew?

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