Rep. Boebert says she’ll take legal action against PAC that claimed she had two abortions, worked as an escort

While some people on the left are making much of a passing joke about AR-15s, others have opened the floodgates of slime, accusing her without any evidence of having worked as an escort and of having had two abortions. Jezebel passes along the allegations:

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) reportedly had two abortions and worked as an unlicensed paid escort. During her escort work, one wealthy client in Aspen introduced her to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who subsequently encouraged Boebert to run for office.

The allegations come from American Muckrakers PAC, the group that published the viral sexually explicit video of Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) with another man and warned after Cawthorn lost his primary that they were moving on to target Boebert.

The videos of Rep. Cawthorn were real and they were embarrassing. But in this case, American Muckrakers PAC doesn’t have video, audio or anything else to back up its story. But that hasn’t stopped a lot of blue-checked lefties from jumping all over this.

Occupy Democrats effort to spread this seems especially vile: “RT IF YOU THINK THAT IT SOUNDS TRUE!”

For her part, Rep. Boebert dismissed the whole thing last night with a brief fact check:

Today, Boebert spoke to Fox News and promised legal action against the group making these claims.

“This political committee, funded by far-left Democrat donors and run by two left-wing political operatives, published pages of false statements knowing they were completely fabricated,” she continued. “The law on this type of defamation is clear and this conduct will be subject to civil and criminal penalties. Attached is a letter from my attorney introducing our response to these lies.”

In the letter, which was exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital, Boebert’s attorney Jonathan Anderson wrote that the PAC published “a series of false and defamatory statements” about the congresswoman through the Tuesday release and pointed out that while “Muckrakers has marketed itself as a ‘watchdog group,’ the truth is that Muckrakers is a political committee that exclusively opposes conservative candidates, is funded by established Democrat donor sources, and is managed by Democrat political operatives.”

“We have irrefutable evidence that each one of these statements is patently false. You knew this though,” Anderson wrote. “Muckrakers published these outlandish statements knowing they were fabricated but you likely operated under the inaccurate assumption that publishing false statements against a public figure would not create legal liability.”

While there are certainly plenty of sites and individuals on the left who are jumping all over this and spreading it with zero scrutiny, not everyone is doing that. The Daily Beast published a story today pointing out there are no facts to back this up. In fact, one of the claims made by the PAC has already proven to be false.

For Boebert’s critics, the idea that the anti-abortion rights conservative had in fact had multiple abortions herself offered irresistible proof of Boebert’s hypocrisy. The allegations quickly circulated in anti-Trump “Resistance” communities online…

…the group doesn’t have videos to support their allegations. Instead, they have heavily redacted text message screenshots with an anonymous party supposedly close to Boebert. In the messages, the anonymous source sketches out a tale that enters the realms of lurid liberal fan fiction…

At least one of the source’s claims can already be disproven. In the text message log, the source provided the PAC with a picture of what’s described as a picture of Boebert, wearing a short white dress, sitting on a bed. The source claims the photo was taken from Boebert’s profile on a sugar-daddy website. But the woman in the picture is actually Melissa Carone, a supposed voter-fraud witness cited by Rudy Giuliani, according to Daily Mail report from 2020.

Did they bother to do a reverse image search before putting this slime out there? Maybe they did and they just didn’t care. Mother Jones has also published a piece saying this is pure misogyny.

The political action committee that helped bring down Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) has released a series of salacious and likely false accusations against Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.)—and online liberals are eating it right up. But if the Cawthorn allegations, which centered around an explicit video, were fueled by homophobia, then the Boebert allegations are being fueled by a no less pernicious force: misogyny.

Just because Rep. Boebert isn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean she’s fair game for whatever claims you can make about her. There are still some people on the left who understand that but also plenty who do not.

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