Opinion: We Have Excess Capacity, No Need To Panic

FILE – In this April 4, 2005 file photo, Battle Help Healthcare facility Military Nurse supervisor Patrick McAndrew tries to conserve the existence of an American soldier by providing him CPR upon arrival at the Battle Guidance Medical center in Baghdad, Iraq. In the commencing, it all looked easy: topple Saddam Hussein, ruin his purported weapons of mass destruction and lay the foundation for a professional-Western govt in the heart of the Arab earth. Just about 4,500 American and more than 100,000 Iraqi life later on, the objective now is simply to get out _ and depart driving a place in which democracy has at least a prospect, in which Iran does not dominate and in which circumstances could not be fantastic but “good sufficient.” (AP Image/John Moore, File)

Yesterday I wrote that we should not be very as anxious as the individuals in Italy about too much to handle our clinic ability, as we have lots of untapped belongings to simply call on. I cited two stand out armed forces belongings, the USNS Convenience and USNS Mercy, two naval vessels with 1,000 mattress capacity each individual. I also described the Combat Support Hospitals (CaSHs) in the Army Reserve and Countrywide Guard. At President Trump’s push conference yesterday, the Office of Protection representative produced precise point out of people assets in his comments relating to the U.S. military’s readiness to assistance civilian authorities if purchased by the Commander In Main. Naturally, terrific minds consider like mine!

Examine: Opinion: Hospital Potential or Just in Scenario

As I listened to him I thought about Dr. Parker’s remarks on Tuesday and I recalled him also mentioning the likelihood of applying cruise ships now idled, as feasible medical center web-sites. That obtained me wondering about other methods to shake loose a lot more capabilities with no unduly disturbing the medical infrastructure, processes and people we now have in area

In addition to the Mercy, the Ease and comfort and Military Discipline Hospitals, we could also contract with cruise lines and hotels, both equally of which are by now established up for the hardest aspect of individual aid, care and feeding…the “hotel” section of affected individual treatment. Put the proper medical team on board and we’ve obtained added hospital ability wherever none existed in advance of.

“Not so fast Ford!” the shouts are read from the viewers. “Where do you think you will get the bodies to man individuals facilities?” Mobilizing Nationwide Guard and Reserve troops from their day jobs, which are probably in the health-related field, would just be robbing Peter to shell out Paul.

I believed that may be a genuine beef, so I looked into it with the assistance of some of my Army buddies. Being as I am not a Doctor and haven’t performed a person on Television set, I consulted with some individuals in the health-related industry. Right here is what a person of them with a history in functioning a subject clinic reported

Any MD/DO latest in just about any speciality can be employed to treat the infectious illness problems of COVID-19 and the respiratory technique difficulties involving it. The orders included are mostly heading to be a “stock set” based on protocols produced nationally/locally and tweaked for the individual patients primarily based on inputs coming from the nursing and respiratory care personnel. The shortages will be at the respiratory treatment personnel and nursing conclude of the equation, NOT the health care provider finish.

That signifies, health professionals will not be the prolonged pole in the tent, as just about any medical specialty can can in a pinch (and with POTUS directed crisis lawful waivers) be the health care supervision in excess of patient cure. The rest of the qualified staff members, nurses and respiratory care staff are a more durable proposition.

Here’s in which we can get progressive. These supporting staff members associates do some truly crucial tasks that involve exclusive techniques and coaching. They also conduct a whole bunch of other duties that could be done by people with to some degree considerably less training, if appropriately supervised. Having Affected person Smith’s critical indications 3 occasions a day, earning confident he is getting 2 green drugs, a yellow pill and consuming at least a liter of water per day, could just take a considerable load off of standard team, freeing them up to do increased expert duties on more people.

That’s where by regular Navy Medics (Navy Corpsmen) and perhaps even typical Troopers/Sailors/Marines/Airmen with Combat Lifesaver schooling could shoulder some of the load. There are a entire great deal of client treatment duties they can execute, therefore releasing up Medical doctors and Nurses for the vital ones. Mobilizing this class of Reserve and Guard personnel could avoid having some skilled health-related individuals out of their communities when they are necessary most.

This is only a single example of how we can use option methods to get to the area we need to have to be. I am guaranteed there are numerous others out there that with a minor considered and some innovation, could support backstop our most important health care system should really the will need occur. I am also sure that specified the multi faceted abilities of the Red Point out Radership, there are a bevy of other tips that would assist bridge the gap. I’d be quite intrigued to hear them in the feedback. I also notice that there are possible some technical issues with the distinct proposals above, but I have identified that in time these kinds of as these, the mindset we will need to have is: Address for Yes!

Mike Ford

Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Armed forces, International Affairs and from time to time dabbles in Political and Economic matters. 

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