MSNBC and NBC News hire Lisa Page as a legal analyst

Today, MSNBC announced it had hired Lisa Page as a legal analyst. Here’s the on-air announcement from MSNBC’s PR feed:

Page tweeted the clip saying she’s stated “something new.”

Given the contents of Page’s texts and emails with Peter Strzok, MSNBC is obviously a perfect fit for her. CNN might have worked as well but with the hiring of Andrew McCabe they had already achieved their quota of disgraced former officials. GOP spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington is already mocking this.

The full clip of her first appearance isn’t on YouTube yet but you can watch at least a portion of it here. In this segment she was asked how she feels about Republicans failing to stand up to Trump and replied, “We hear over and over again about how, in quiet whispers, how appalled they are by this administration’s behavior. Now is the time. I am hopeful that courage begets courage.”

That’s typical MSNBC content but there’s nothing there that really requires legal or national security expertise. She’s being asked to call Republican Senators cowards on TV and she’s doing so. You can’t swing a dead cat on Twitter without hitting 100 randos who could do this. The real reason MSNBC wants her is that she’s such an outstanding commentator, it’s that she’s such an outspoken partisan. Here’s a recent sample from her Twitter feed:

She appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show last December. I wonder how long after that the discussions about hiring her began.

The appearance on Maddow came a few weeks after a profile by Molly Jong-Fast at the Daily Beast in which she vowed not to be silent anymore.

So now she has a platform to hit back at Trump and that’s what makes her valuable to MSNBC. Speaking of which, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Trump will tweet something about this, right? Nothing from the president so far but Don Jr. has tweeted about it.

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