Alton Brown revealed he is a Republican voter, then a weird implosion happened

Food Network star Alton Brown is a long-time Republican voter. Brown admitted he is a Republican voter and many of his fans on social media reacted the way you would expect – they went nuts. Then, as the vitriol swirled around the internet, Brown went further. He made a strange reference to the Holocaust for which he has now apologized.

For reasons unknown, Alton Brown decided to tell the world that he is a Republican on Monday via a tweet. The presidential election and the continuing vote counting seems to have broken him. Up until now, Brown has abided by his own personal mantra – shut up and cook. He rightly says that Americans don’t want to hear about politics from entertainers and that includes cooking channel stars. Then he went and stepped all over himself. He is angry that Republicans are falling in line to support all the votes to be counted before declaring a presidential election winner.

While he was silent on politics in the past, he did dip a toe into the pool in 2012 when he tweeted, “Vote cast.” That was the tweet. When asked by fans for whom he cast his vote, he refused to say.

On November 9, Brown posted a tweet that sparked outrage from the woke mob on Twitter. He must now be canceled.

“I have voted Republican most of my life,” Brown tweeted. “I consider myself a conservative. I want to believe there are still ‘very fine’ people on both sides of the aisle but…if #GOP leaders don’t get their collective noses out of that man’s a**, we’re gonna have words.”

I would show you the tweet but it, along with others, has now been deleted from Brown’s Twitter account. Apparently Alton Brown is a conservative and a Republican voter but he’s not much of a Trump fan. He hasn’t publicly been a Never Trumper, as he is only now coming out with some political tweets, but that appears to be the center of his frustration. The blowback for immediate. How dare he out himself as a Republican. Clearly, that is the devil’s party, certainly the bad Orange Man’s party.

You get the picture. Republicans are bad and ignorant.

Brown also tweeted his frustration with the two Republicans in run-off elections now in Georgia, where he lives.

My family has been in Georgia for at least 5 generations. I own multiple businesses in Ga. I employ Georgians. My home is Georgia. And my senators are embarrassing me and the state they are supposed to represent. @sendavidperdue and @SenatorLoeffler I am talking g to you.

Alton Brown didn’t just let it go, though. He decided to continue the next night and expressed his worries about the direction America is going because of the level of divisiveness toward people of different political parties, or something. In a moment of very bad judgment, Alton Brown compared the Twitter mob’s intolerance for conservatives, even those who don’t particularly like Trump, to concentration camps and the Holocaust. He was trying to sound an alarm that this is the kind of extreme behavior that can lead to extreme consequences, I think, but no reference lightly made about the Holocaust is ever acceptable. Why do people keep having to learn this lesson?

Though Brown stepped in it again the next evening by tweeting out “flippant” remarks about the holocaust. Apparently seeing the backlash and vitriol launched by the left against conservatives, the culinary expert quipped about the uniforms he might be wearing when put into a camp. He asked his followers, “Do you think the camp uniforms will be striped, like the ones at Auschwitz, or will plaid be in vogue?”
One user played along, telling him that the quality of his uniform will be dependent on his worth going into the camp, to which Brown responded, “I have no gold fillings.” Uh oh. Another Holocaust quip? Into the gulag you go.

More annoyed users lashed out at Brown’s Holocaust-exploitative, gallows humor, prompting him to delete his tweet about uniforms, though the “gold fillings” tweet is still up.

And, just like that, the apology from Brown was posted. He apologized for being “flippant” about a historical ethnic cleansing of Jews.

The whole episode is just very odd. Was it an alcohol-fused implosion? Some tweets that remain on his Twitter feed refer to his being drunk and an Election Night steak dinner. You be the judge:

We’ll see how long if at all, this fury against him lasts. It isn’t a complete surprise that he is a conservative, though. In 2016, when it was not clear if he voted for Trump or not, an article was published about him in the New York Times. He was promoting his eighth book, a personal kind of book, as opposed to one of his regular cookbooks. Brown has a reputation as a private person. He isn’t like the late Anthony Bourdain, for example, who just let it rip about his personal history for television viewers and those who read his books.

The book, “EveryDayCook: This Time It’s Personal,” is his eighth, but the first in which he offers at least a small peek behind his curtain, at the ways he cooks and eats at home. Peeks don’t come easy for Mr. Brown, who has always been more of a controlled showman than a freewheeling chef.

Alton Brown is an outlier among food celebrities. He is a private, politically conservative Southerner who sometimes carries a Bible and a firearm. He is a pilot and a devoted student of film. He is the opposite of cuddly. And he is probably much smarter than you.

A Bible and a firearm. He must be one of those bitter clingers that Obama talked about.

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