Where’s the outrage?

(Paul Mirengoff)

The Washington Post claims that the “Black community” is angry over claims of vote fraud by President Trump and his legal team. It’s true that some of the claims of fraud center on precincts that are populated almost entirely by Blacks. However, I doubt that many Blacks care about the Trump campaign’s allegations of fraud and I suspect that even fewer are outraged by them.

The Post cites five Blacks who have expressed displeasure. Four of them are activists. The other is a professor of African-American studies. It’s part of their job to be angry, just as it’s part of the job of Washington Post reporters to dig up people who are outraged by supposed racial slights by Donald Trump.

But the reporters provide no evidence that the grievances of the activists and the professor have any resonance in the Black community. It simply expects readers of the Post to assume they do.

I assume they don’t. I assume that the vast majority of Blacks, like the vast majority of Whites, figure that Joe Biden has won the election and, to the extent they focused on the presidential election at all, have moved on to other concerns.

Meanwhile, in a story that appears next to one about alleged Black outrage, the Post sniffs that “most in GOP greet crisis with customary response: silence.” What “crisis” is the Post talking about? It’s President Trump’s “effort to overturn election results in states that he lost.”

What evidence is there that Trump is trying to overturn election results, as opposed simply to litigating in order to determine what the results, fairly tabulated, are? The Post refers only to an invitation by Trump to Michigan GOP legislative leaders which the Post says is part of an attempt to block the state from certifying the Michigan results.

Is this a crisis? Of course not. It’s just a meeting.

Do Republican elected officials have any obligation to opine about the meeting or related developments? I don’t think so.

The Post ambushed Sen. Josh Hawley to question him about the meeting. Hawley said he wasn’t aware that such a meeting was going to take place. I wasn’t either.

After being informed about the meeting, Hawley said:

I don’t have any concerns. I’m obviously not privy to the conversation, but I don’t really have concerns with [Trump] talking about the situation with elected officials.

That’s a reasonable response, not just for a Republican Senator, but for any normal person. Only Washington Post reporters, their fellow anti-Trumpers and pro-Democrat activists, and professors of African-American studies have anything to be outraged about when it comes to the president’s post-election behavior, so far.

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