Tucker Carlson: Mail-In Ballot Harvesting Is Ripe With Voter Fraud | Video

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ investigates new calls for mail-in voting and how it will effect the 2020 election.

TUCKER CARLSON: A lot of people in this country have been suffering through this pandemic but many of our most ambitious politicians have treated the disaster as a massive opportunity.

A chance to implement their entire agenda all at once, immigration amnesty to massive tech censorship. The biggest goal is to eliminate every remaining barrier to voter fraud in this country. They claim to do that by enacting nationwide mail-in voting. Earlier today the president tweeted this about universal mail-in voting. “There is no way that mail-in ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent. Mail boxes will be robbed, and illegally printed out and signed. The governor is sending them out to millions of people and anyone living in the state will come like will get one. How and for whom to vote. This will be a rigged election. No way!”

Now for the first time ever, Twitter.com, the company responded directly to one of the president’s tweets. They inserted a link below this one to declare authoritatively that the tweet was false. “Get the facts about mail-in ballots.” If the user has taken to a Twitter news page with a headline declaring “Trump makes the unsubstantiated claim that mail-in voting will lead to voter fraud.” That’s the official story. Voter fraud never happens no matter what and it definitely won’t happen with mail-in voting. You are hearing trusted news anchors tell you that, a lot. And they say it like they know it. Anyone who disagrees is a conspiracy nut, a flat Earther, a freak. Probably doesn’t vaccinate his kids.

They’re lying. That’s a lie and we know it’s a lie because of fraud at mail-in voting already happens. Not speculating. Do you have Google? Look it up. Ballot harvesting is the problem. Ballot harvesting is the process when the third-party collects and turns in ballots on behalf of another person. It’s only possible with mail-in ballots.

Laws around ballot harvesting vary from state to state. It’s currently legal in 27 states but Democrats want to legalize it in all 50, and, I wonder why. The recent House coronavirus bill declares tat “all states must permit a voter to designate any person to deliver a voted ad sealed absentee ballot. Te only restriction is ballot harvesters ca not be paid based on the number of ballots they collect, but of course, you could easily pay that than a campaign could pay a canvasser for their time or the distance they travel.

With unlimited ballot harvesting, there is no state supervision or chain of custody, o limit on the amount of ballots a single person can collect. Ballot harvesters can go to people’s homes, and they do in California. They pressure them to vote or vote the right way, or they help a person read through a ballot while nudging them on who to vote for.

Why stop there? You could pay a person to sign or turn in a blank ballot… Or simply throw away ballots that don’t vote the right way. We are not saying that all of these methods of fraud are equally likely, you probably could prevent some of them with safeguards but the point is this. Universal mail-in voting with ballot harvesting massively expands the potential for voter fraud ad it makes a mockery of the secret ballot.

I don’t care what Twitter tells you, that’s true. It’s obvious. And by the way, it’s been documented. In the past decade, most battles over voter fraud have centered around whether to require an I.D. to vote like most every countries do. But that’s not the real issue… Ballot harvesting is the… choice for those that want to steal an election. It’s not a theoretical risk. Actual voter fraud has happened, despite what they tell you, all over the country. In North Carolina by the way it was Republicans who did it. A Republican victory in a congressional race after it was overturned after it was discovered tat operatives were collectig blak or incomplete ballots and filling them out. In New Jersey in 2013 — not in 1813, 2013, a city councilman was caught paying operatives to go door to door telling people who to vote for and offering them $50 bucks. Texas as had multiple prosecutions for illegal vote harvesting. Why don’t they mention that on television? In 2016, councilmember Guadalupe Rivera won a local election by 16 votes. Later, Rivera was convicted of illegally assisting people in filling out absentee ballots.

According to the county clerk, ballot harvesting fraud involves political operatives who target and exploit the vulnerable — often that means homebound individuals were too confused to realize their votes are being stolen. You don’t think this happens? Oh, yes, it does. It happens. Ask anyone. In California, ballot harvesting is already almost totally unrestricted. In the midterms in 2018 officials in Orange County reported people dropping off hundreds of ballots at a time. 250,000 votes appeared from previously inactive voters. Seven Republican candidates were leading on election night only to lose weeks later thanks to harvested ballots that were tallied days or even weeks later.

And of course, this reveals what the real agenda behind universal mail-in voting is. We’ve had that in place for 240 years. It’s about power, it’s always about power. As with illegal immigration and the relentless efforts to soak race hatred, which we see every day, Democrats have calculated that hurting America will make it easier for them to keep power and get power permanently.

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