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“School’s out for summer/ School’s out forever.” — Alice Cooper

In Europe, 22 countries have allowed students to return to the classroom without any spike in Covid. Did you know that? If the answer is no, then you have once again been victimized by a dishonest American press which ignores facts that go against the anti-Trump narrative.

Many believe the kids are a key to the November election. If schools cannot reopen, the psychological signal will be the pandemic has defeated the Trump administration. Already, Nancy Pelosi is calling the contagion the “Trump virus.”

In 2016, women voted for Hillary Clinton 54%-42%. Today, the school issue is obviously very important to mothers and grandmothers because they tend to be closer to the urchin action on the ground. Most women want their kids back in school safely.

But some, not all, Trump opponents do not want in-person classes to begin and they use a speculative argument that it might not be safe. Many teachers unions, fiercely pro-Democrat, are opposed to classroom education this fall, citing “danger” from the vicious contagion that might devastate the schools.

The national press, also pro-Democrat, generally agrees. And if one child contracts Covid in school, you will definitely come to know his or her name.

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta is pro in-person schooling, but there may be some political pressure there, as the Trump administration is asking the medical establishment to help get the students back. So let’s go to another authoritative group that also believes kids should return to class: Harvard University medical researchers.

This is “science” for Joe Biden and his fans.

To support anything Trump at Harvard is to jeopardize your position at the nation’s oldest and most prestigious university. Harvard has caved into political correctness and the “woke” movement that is crippling freedom of speech and robust debate, which can lead to problem-solving breakthroughs. Simply put: The PC left rules Harvard.

Therefore, when issuing perhaps the most authoritative study on Covid’s impact on schools, the researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health were sure to include some Trump bashing to cover their rear assets. Boring but necessary for their academic survival.

There are two key provisions in the study. Here’s the first: “School closures may be among the least effective of [ways to halt the spread of Covid]. A study of county rates of Covid across the United States from earlier this year found ‘no evidence that school closures influenced the growth rate’ in Covid infections, and two international studies similarly found large reductions in Covid spread from social distancing policies in general, but no significant effect from school closures on their own.”

Someone alert CNN.

Never mind. The anti-Trump movement will never acknowledge the study. Corruption at it’s most vivid.

But by reading this column as well as the entire study, which is available on line, the conclusion reached by the Harvard people is clearly stated: “Reopening schools should not be an us versus them argument. It’s not a Democrat vs. Republican argument. It’s about our children and about the evidence. We should be following the science that says in-person schooling for our kids is too valuable to give up and that the risks of school-based transmission appear to be low.”

So there you go, Alice Cooper. With some exceptions in Covid danger zones, American schools should reopen with distancing and as many other protections as possible. Children need structure and the nation must regain some normalcy.

Let’s follow the “science.”

Bill O’Reilly is a former Fox News Channel host. His website is

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