Thugs Try to Intimidate Judge in Police Officer’s Case

Last April, police officers stopped a young career criminal named Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. They ran a check and realized that Wright was wanted. Wright resisted arrest and tried to flee in his vehicle. Veteran Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter intended to tase Wright, but accidentally drew her gun instead of her taser and shot him. She is now being prosecuted for manslaughter (the prosecution has stipulated that the shooting was accidental) and, as with Derek Chauvin, Attorney General Keith Ellison has taken over the case.

Hennepin County District Judge Regina Chu has been assigned the case. Leftist thugs evidently have figured out where Judge Chu lives, and last night they demonstrated outside her apartment building. At least one thug, and perhaps more, gained access to the building despite apartment security and stood outside her door. Crime Watch Minneapolis has the story:

Only one person is shown in these photos; he posted on social media from outside Judge Chu’s door. But he says he is “waiting for the gang to get up here,” so more may have joined him. Also, the second graphic says that a resident of the building “asked him if there was a reason [he was in the building] and yelling out the window [to protesters outside].”

This reply to the Minneapolis Crime Watch tweet refers to “thugs” gaining entry to the building, so again, there may have been more than one:

This attempt to intimidate a judge is totally unacceptable, and yet the reality is that it likely will be accepted. Thugs like the one who photographed himself outside the judge’s apartment door have been indulged all their lives. Law enforcement in Minneapolis has become almost non-existent, and civic authorities are more interested in preserving what is left of their city’s (and state’s) tattered reputation than in facing up to the depths to which Minneapolis has fallen.

Activists want to turn the Kim Potter trial into a lynch mob-dominated circus like the Derek Chauvin trial. At the moment, I am not aware of anything that might stand in their way.

The last question is whether any news outlet other than Minneapolis Crime Watch will defend not just Judge Chu, but our criminal justice system, by publicizing these thugs’ intimidation tactics. Of course, Power Line just did, and I am confident that Alpha News will. But the Minneapolis Star Tribune and other conventional news outlets? Don’t hold your breath.

UPDATE: I see that Alpha News has just written about this outrage. Alpha’s post, by Kyle Hooten, includes video of the “protest.” That post also suggests that the main thug may be George Floyd’s nephew. It also raises the possibility that the thugs might have had the wrong building.

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