The Power Line Show, Ep 181: Eight Reasons to End the Lockdowns ASAP, with Dr. Geach

A few days ago Scott brought our attention Dr. Jonathan Geach’s essay on Medium, “Eight Reasons to End the Lockdowns as Soon as Possible,” and today Dr. Geach joined me to review the article, and, since the COVID-19 story is moving so fast, preview a sequel on “Moving Goalposts” that he is readying for publication.

In addition to walking through the adverse health tradeoffs of an extended economic shutdown, Dr. Geach explains a few new theories about the dynamic of how COVID-19 works, and offers his perspective on some of the new treatments being considered, and why. He goes into much more technical detail than most news reports, but not so technical that a non-specialist can’t follow it. It’s a fascinating conversation you won’t want to miss. And stay tuned for updates: we’ll be sure to link to his sequel as soon as it is posted.

You know what to do now; listen here, or download from our hosts at Ricochet or your other favorite podcast platform.

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