The Callousness of Liberals, Exemplified

(John Hinderaker)

The Minneapolis Effect is easily measurable: in the wake of the George Floyd riots, law enforcement has pulled back, with police stops down by as much as 90 percent. In this anti-police environment, criminals have taken over the streets. Violent crime has spiked. (Non-violent crime is way up too, but no one has time to worry about that.) This map shows gunfire activity in the City of Minneapolis during 2020:

At last count, homicides were up by 100%. One of the victims was a 17-year-old boy who was shot last night, a few blocks from the homeless encampment at Powderhorn Park.

In response, a Minneapolis resident expressed her concern about “the lack of police & what it’s doing to our community” to U.S. Senator Tina Smith. Here, the resident shows us what she got back from the senator’s office:

A useless anti-police screed, when Smith’s constituent was pointing out how her community is being devastated by the lack of police activity. Did anyone in Smith’s office actually read the constituent’s communication? It doesn’t look that way.

Smith’s callous response is typical: leftists don’t care about the actual, tangible and often tragic effects of their policies on the people who have to live with them. The ones who don’t have armed security. Leftists’ concerns rarely extend beyond hollow virtue signaling.

Tina Smith is a nonentity, but as a Democrat in Minnesota she is the favorite for re-election in November. She has an excellent opponent, Jason Lewis, a friend of mine, a former Congressman, and a former radio talk show host. You can donate to Jason’s campaign here.

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