Sad saga of Steve Scully

Before we move on from the now cancelled presidential debate scheduled for October 15, we need to take account of the sad saga of Steve Scully. Scully is the C-SPAN host who was to moderate the debate. When President Trump stated his belief that Scully is a Never-Trumper “who worked for Biden at one point,” Scully appeared to to have sought advice via Twitter from Trump foe Anthony Scaramucci concerning a response — and to have received it. Scaramucci advised tact. Scully deleted the tweet. Media reporter Joe Concha covered the story here for the Hill and on Twitter (below).

C-SPAN issued a statement with Scully’s assertion believes his account was hacked. Scully denied sending the tweet. The matter is under investigation.

I thought he was caught, Anthony Weiner style. How utterly lame.

Indeed, Joseph Wulfsohn included Scaramucci’s tweeted response in his account of the story for FOX News. Wulfsohn noted that Scully has a history of blaming hackers for his indiscreet tweets. Wulfsohn also compiled several witty responses in his follow-up story “Trump rips Steve Scully ‘hack’ claim following canceled debate: ‘His bosses are furious at him!’” I give Donald Trump, Jr.’s pride of place among the sapient responses.

But wait! Chris Wallace has vouched for Scully. On FOX News, Wallace said, “Steve Scully has been an honest, fair reporter. I have to say I was somewhat concerned when I heard about this tweet exchange with Scaramucci, but apparently it never happened.” Now that is funny. Case closed! Wallace is certainly the guy we all wanted to hear from on this matter.

However, Wallace isn’t the only one vouching for Scully. Maybe it is advisable to keep an open mind, hard as it is. The FBI is reportedly on the case along with Twitter. Scully isn’t taking questions. How long should it take to get to the bottom of this particular story? Until we get there, I’m filing it under Laughter Is the Best Medicine.

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