Rich Baris versus garbage media

David Rutz has compiled one of his Washington Free Beacon SUPERcuts videos (below), this one taking a look back at the landslide Biden victory foreseen by the garbage media. He notes that Republicans have gained House seats and appear poised to maintain their Senate majority, while the presidential election remains in doubt. Numerous national polls showed Biden with a double-digit lead over President Donald Trump, but they vastly underestimated Trump support.

By contrast, Rich Baris — his site is People’s Pundit Daily, his Twitter feed is @Peoples_Pundit — conducted his own polls and more or less foresaw what has come to be. He certainly nailed the garbage of the garbage media’s garbage pollsters.

A reader brought Rich to our attention in a mid-October email. The reader pointed out that Baris “is a data journalist and professional pollster with a good show on YouTube called Inside the Numbers.” He added:

Baris really understands the mechanics of an election, polling, and forecasting the likely electorate including the idiosyncrasies of each of the battleground states….He is very critical of the mainstream pollsters like Nate Silver and Nate Cohn, but has the in-depth knowledge and experience to talk through the specifics of why their “models” are so fraught. For example, right now he has Trump up almost 2 points in Florida and he has him back 2 points in PA, but with 16% of voters undecided that lean towards Trump.

Watching Inside the Numbers on YouTube the week before the election, I found Baris’s work to be both instructive and entertaining, but he wanders around his findings. He doesn’t give you the headlines. He speaks at length and requires patience, but I think patience will be rewarded. He was on fire in his post-election show yesterday (video below).

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