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I know I am an outlier, but I have never had any fear of covid. Some things scare me–roller coasters, for example–but respiratory viruses are not on the list. But many others don’t see it that way, and with the arrival of omicron, hysteria is making a comeback. Why? No doubt some of the fear is genuine, but I do think some people enjoy hysteria. Others prefer to have an excuse to stay home, and some–politicians and liberal activists–enjoying bossing other people around.

For your daily dose of omicronmania, check out this tweet:

When I first saw this I assumed it was a joke. It is actually pretty funny. But no: if you check out this person’s Twitter feed, you see that she is a left-wing activist who has posted tweets like these:

And when her multiply-masked airplane tweet began drawing amused attention, she responded:

I don’t draw any particular conclusions from this bit of hysteria, one data point among a great many, except: here we go again.

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