Observations on the Great Hunkering (7)

(Steven Hayward)

The emphasis is on &#8220social distancing.&#8221 Wouldn&#8217t &#8220anti-social distancing&#8221 do the job far better? Inquiring for a good friend curmudgeonly neighbor.

If this is a war, why are not we listening to calls for negotiations, and interventions by conflict resolution professionals? Exactly where are the individuals asking, “Why does the virus despise us?” Why isn&#8217t Congress invoking the War Powers Act to work out oversight more than Trump&#8217s incipient fascism overdue govt motion? (Don&#8217t worry, if Trump does in truth declare an enforced quarantine on New York City, he&#8217ll go back to remaining staying known as a fascist in a New York moment.)

To start with, Trump tweets out in praise of—checks notes—Rachel Maddow:

Then inexplicably he praises the $35 million earmarked for the Kennedy Centre in the reduction monthly bill. What&#8217s likely on here? Ah—here&#8217s the kicker, from the Washington Put up today:

Trump appoints Jon Voight, Mike Huckabee and 8 many others to Kennedy Centre board

President Trump will appoint actor Jon Voight, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and 8 others to the Kennedy Center’s board of trustees, the White Home introduced Wednesday. . .

The appointees will change [among others] . . . Rose Kennedy Schlossberg.

Heh. Trump is just undertaking this to generate liberals (even additional) crazy. You can just hear the gasps of outrage amid the glitterati in excess of Voight and Mike Huckabee staying appointed to the Kennedy Center board. He&#8217s genuinely stepping up his 3-D chess match.

Preserve this tweet from the Globe Health and fitness Corporation in intellect when you hear that Trump was gradual to answer to the coronavirus epidemic:

What need to we do to China for lying to the entire world and pressuring the WHO not to declare an epidemic? How about defaulting on their U.S. Treasury bondholdings? It would be a fully Trumpian move. Defaulting on our personal debt was something Trump in fact stated at the time for the duration of the 2016 campaign, to the gasps and horrors of everybody. You know the aged stating: if you owe the bank $100,000, you have a difficulty if you owe the lender $1 million, the bank has a issue. China has been our bank for the past 20 years. Make &#8217em hurt. What are they heading to so—stop creating iPhones? Unlikely. At the extremely minimum Trump should really need China just take a 20 percent haircut on their U.S. financial debt instruments as payment for our $2 trillion reduction bundle and hurt to our economy.

Paul has previously observed the comprehensive proof that China is continuing to lie on a significant scale about the presence of the virus there, and I&#8217ll all one more element: China has shut its motion picture theaters once more. Nothing at all to see below. Go alongside.

And now China is banning international readers. Yeah, suitable.

And right now&#8217s movie to lighten your spirits from some the individuals who also deliver you Black Rifle Espresso:

And one particular far more time, a further trainspotting adventure I&#8217m contacting &#8220Two Trains Runnin’&#8221 in homage to Lowell George (this one two minutes extended):

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