Michael Anton: Dems’ big plans

Steve Hayward interviewed former Trump administration national security official Michael Anton for his September 5 podcast that is posted here. The subject was Anton’s just-published The Stakes: America At the Point of No Return, spelling out the consequences of a Democratic victory in November. Having listened to the podcast twice, I recommend it highly.

Anton also appeared last night for three segments on Life, Liberty & Levin. FOX News has only posted the first of the three segments (below). In this segment, the subject is Anton’s American Mind essay “The coming coup?” If I had my choice, I would have picked the second or third, in which Anton laid out the Democrats’ big plans for a permanent takeover in a prospective Biden administration.

At the moment the entire show is accessible here on Bitchute. Candace Owens appears on the first two segments. Anton’s three segments begin at 21:00. The second of the three segments begins at about 28:00. Discussion of permanent one-party rule begins at about 32:00 and runs through the third segment. In the closing segment, by the way, Levin talks powerfully about his father and grandfather.

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