Life In the City [Updated]

The City of Minneapolis, that is. Not too many years ago, Minneapolis was known as a safe place. But that seems like another galaxy at this point. Last night, a gun battle broke out on Fraternity Row at the University of Minnesota. I don’t think the criminals were frat brothers. You can hear the gun battle in this surveillance video, from an alley that I take it is behind the fraternity buildings:

It’s all in a day’s work in what must be the worst-governed city in the United States.

UPDATE: This video of the gun battle was shot from a different position, not in the alley behind the frat houses, but looking out on University Avenue. University Avenue is one of the major streets in the Twin Cities–named, obviously, after the fact that it runs through the heart of the University of Minnesota. Never in the last century or more have students and others walking down University Avenue had to worry about being shot or otherwise assaulted.

But that was then, this is now:

If you like getting shot at on major avenues with no apparent police presence, Minneapolis is the city for you. But, hey: Black lives matter! And Saint George Floyd is commemorated everywhere. So it’s all OK.

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