Lamest Nickname In Sports History

For the 2020-21 season, the Washington Redskins will be called the Washington Football Team. This is actually not a joke:

The Washington football team will simply compete as the Washington Football Team for the upcoming season, sources informed NBC Sports Washington on Thursday.

That decision allows the organization to continue to work towards a new name and gather input from fans, alumni as well as figure out a plan to properly honor Native Americans and the military, which is a priority for team owner Dan Snyder and head coach Ron Rivera.

It should make for a heck of a logo. Maybe it will depict a bunch of corporate suits in a board room.

Seriously, though, there have been many team names that have “honor[ed] Native Americans”: Braves, Indians, Warriors, Blackhawks, Chiefs, Utes, Fighting Sioux, Seminoles, and, I think, Redskins. Stamping out Indian nicknames will further consign Native Americans to historical oblivion. Maybe that is what liberals want. In any event, I doubt that the “Washington Football Team” will generate a lot of enthusiasm among the team’s fans. But I defer to Paul on that one.

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