Investigate the Bidens. Then, investigate them some more.

It looks like Joe Biden will be our the next president, but that Republicans will hold the Senate. If so, Senate Republicans will have the power to investigate (but probably not to stop most of Biden’s judicial nominees from being confirmed because Sens. Collins and Murkowski will vote to confirm nearly all of them; Mitch McConnell can gum up the works, though).

Senate Republicans should use their investigative power to examine the Biden family’s financial dealings with China, Ukraine, and maybe other foreign nations. It’s not about Hunter Biden. He appears to have been the front man for his father. Recall that email (or was it a text) from Hunter saying that “his chairman” didn’t like a particular deal with China. That Hunter’s “chairman” was Joe is confirmed in another message.

It’s important to know whether Joe Biden enriched himself through his family’s dealings with China, our main adversary in the world. There is substantial evidence that he did, or tried to. The Senate wouldn’t be doing its duty if it failed to probe this serious matter.

In a separate matter, there are reports that the FBI is investigating Hunter Biden in connection with money laundering. If so, this puts Joe in a difficult position. Surely, his Attorney General won’t be dumb enough to appoint a special council to take over the FBI’s investigation. But will he or she kill the investigation?

If so, the Senate should investigate that decision. If not, the Senate should keep tabs on the investigation as part of its oversight duty. If the DOJ resists that oversight, the Senate should investigate the resistance.

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