Goodbye to Another Socialist Paradise

(John Hinderaker)

Seattle’s CHOP is finally being dismantled. After a series of shootings and sexual assaults, and many complaints and lawsuits by victimized citizens, the authorities have had enough. The Seattle Police Department compiled this video that shows some of the violence that characterized CHOP throughout its brief life:

It sounds like the process of liberating the captive CHOP zone is going reasonably well, although the police department notes some issues:

Then there is this:

A final farewell, I guess, from the “mostly peaceful” denizens of CHOP.

To me, the saddest thing about the end of CHOP is that they never had a chance to harvest their crops:

It would be nice to imagine that someone might learn from the CHOP fiasco, but that is expecting too much. CHOP couldn’t have been “real” socialism, otherwise there wouldn’t have been so many people getting shot.

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