From a Minneapolis Principal, a Cry From the Heart

If you want to understand what is going on in Minneapolis, which is probably similar to what is happening in a number of leftist-run cities around the country, please take seven minutes to watch this video. It was made by the Principal of Minneapolis’s North High School, in modern times the most heavily black high school in the city. Her name is Mauri Melander Friestleben.

The boy whose death she talks about is the Republican campaign volunteer whose murder we reported here. But there is nothing political about the video. Ms. Friestleben just wants her kids to go back to school, and wants law enforcement to re-take control of her devastated community. The COVID fiasco plays a part, too.

She has little regard for the small minority, some of them outsiders, who are trying to dismantle the police department that provides whatever security North Minneapolis might enjoy. Her description of the decline of civic order is painful: people have stopped obeying traffic signals, are racing in the streets, and so on. “The people in my community need and want law enforcement.” And “everybody knows the problem houses.” But, better than reading my characterization, you should watch the video.

Just one more thing–North High School’s teams are called the Polars, like polar bears. That is why she keeps referring to “Polars.”

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