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A lot of people think that President Trump has a stealth Hispanic vote that will carry him to victory in several swing states. I don’t know whether that will turn out to be true, but there is no doubt that Trump is popular with many Hispanic voters who may be under the radar of media polling outfits.

Like Jorge Masvidal. Jorge is a Cuban immigrant who got his start as a kid, fighting in alleys and broadcasting his bouts on YouTube. He has come a long way since then, earning fame and riches as one of the top MMA fighters on the planet. He recently participated in a “Fighters Against Socialism” tour with Donald Trump, Jr. This video sums it up:

Someday, historians will try to explain why so many college professors held crazy, unsupportable leftist views, while supposedly uneducated types–professional fighters are a great example–had a much firmer grasp on reality. Meanwhile, we can only hope that unorthodox commentators like Jorge Masvidal will have an outsized impact on this year’s election.

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