Don’t Miss the Dan Proft Show!

Especially tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, as I will be guest hosting. Dan Proft is a top-notch radio personality. He does the morning show on Chicago’s AM 560 The Answer, together with Amy Jacobson. Beginning last December, he also hosts the Dan Proft Show on the Salem Radio Network from 9 pm to midnight, Eastern. I have been a guest on the Answer’s morning show many times, and have guest hosted the Dan Proft Show on Salem as well. It is a lot of fun; we pre-record, so there are no callers–for better or worse.

Tomorrow night’s show has an excellent guest lineup that includes Amity Shlaes as well as George Parry, with whom I will discuss the cause of George Floyd’s death. Thursday’s and Friday’s shows are just beginning to take shape, but I am excited to announce that on Thursday one of my guests will be Ricky Rebel. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Please do tune in on the Salem Radio Network.

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