World Leaders Echo Biden’s Victory Declaration Despite No Official Winner

Despite what presumptive president-elect Joe Biden claims, the election is still undecided.

Right now, all Biden and his mainstream media allies can claim is that he appears to hold a large edge over President Donald Trump in this year’s hotly contested election, leaving the incumbent Trump with a very narrow path to victory.

Despite the fact that our election system is still working to declare an official winner, world leaders rushed to echo Biden’s victory declaration.

Messages of support for Biden came from across the globe.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson congratulated Biden, saying the United States was his country’s “most important” ally and that he hoped the two nations could work together on matters like climate change and security.

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Other European leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, echoed their British counterpart.

The messages to the former vice president didn’t just come from Europe.

More support of Biden filtered in throughout the day from the Middle East, Africa and even the Americas.

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With court challenges and recounts needing to be settled before the election can truly be decided, these world leaders’ stance on the race means as much as CNN’s.

It’s unclear when America will see certified election results from states, but until that time, the race is not official.

Despite this, it appears celebrities, the media and even world leaders will be giving their all in support of Joe Biden.

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