Was Rudy Giuliani busted with ‘Borat’s daughter … with one hand down his pants?

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Presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani appears to have been caught with one hand down his pants in a scene that is likely to be featured in Sacha Baron Cohen’s new flick, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” set for release on Amazon Prime Friday.

In the film, Giuliani is being interviewed by Borat’s alleged “daughter,” Tutar, who poses as a conservative reporter. She brings him to a hotel room where an interview area is set up, and at one point, he reclines on a bed and seems to put his hands down his pants.

At that moment, Cohen’s character Borat bursts into the room.

“She’s 15! She’s too old for you,” he yells as he waves the former New York City mayor off his ‘daughter,’ who is played by actress Maria Bakalova.

In an interview with the New York Post’s Page Six in July, Giuliani described the incident, noting that he believed it was a serious interview about the administration’s COVID-19 response.

“This guy comes running in, wearing a crazy, what I would say was a pink transgender outfit,” Giuliani said. “It was a pink bikini, with lace, underneath a translucent mesh top, it looked absurd. He had the beard, bare legs, and wasn’t what I would call distractingly attractive.”

Giuliani said he did not immediately recognize the comedic actor.

“This person comes in yelling and screaming, and I thought this must be a scam or a shake-down, so I reported it to the police. He then ran away,” the former mayor said.

Page Six reported that other sources said they saw Cohen running out of the Mark Hotel, a swanky Upper East Side hotel that is popular with celebrities.

“I only later realized it must have been Sacha Baron Cohen. I thought about all the people he previously fooled and I felt good about myself because he didn’t get me,” said Giuliani.

“I am a fan of some of his movies, ‘Borat’ in particular, because I’ve been to Kazakhstan. ‘She is my sister. She is number four prostitute in all of Kazakhstan,’” he said, adopting Borat’s accent. “That was pretty funny.”

Giuliani did not mention anything about lying on the bed in his interview with Page Six.

He may have spoken too soon, however.

It’s not clear that the scene will make it into the new Borat flick, but chances are good that it likely will, since one of Cohen’s favorite pastimes is lampooning conservatives.

According to The Guardian, after the interview — Giuliani said he was offered payment for it but asked that it be donated to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation — the pair retreated to the hotel room for a drink.

The room, however, had previously been rigged with hidden cameras.

After Bakalova removes Giuliani’s microphone, he eased back onto the bed and appears to move his hands down the front of his pants.

“In the film Borat is dispatched by the Kazakh government back to the US to present a bribe to an ally of Donald Trump in order to ingratiate his country with the administration. After the monkey earmarked for the gift is indisposed, Borat’s supposedly underage offspring becomes the replacement present,” The Guardian reported.

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