Video: TV news hosts still slobbering all over Andrew Cuomo, “our shadow president”

The folks at Media Research Center have put together a fun video for everyone (although you may want to substitute “sickening” for “fun” depending on individual tastes) demonstrating the new love affair going on in the press. In case you hadn’t noticed, CNN and MSNBC (among others) have taken to broadcasting New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daily coronavirus briefings in full and without interruption. Of course, they’re doing this at the same time as some of them refuse to air the President and the federal coronavirus task force giving their national briefings. The reasons are obvious, but the love festival going on for Cuomo among our supposedly unbiased journalists is truly something to behold. (Newsbusters)

For the past several weeks, TV journalists have been unrelentingly nasty in their coverage of President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic (see here, here, and here for examples). But they’ve also found a liberal Democratic politician to rally around: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo has become a darling of the liberal media thanks to his daily press conferences — along with the fact that he is not President Trump.

Cable news journalists have made no secret of their adoration for Governor Cuomo, with hosts on both CNN and MSNBC either encouraging Cuomo to run for president, or outright declaring that he already “kind of” was the President.

Here’s the video. Be sure to have the volume turned on for this one.

The gang’s all here. Joy Reid is heard describing Cuomo as the “kind of Acting President.” Chis Hayes takes over Chris Matthews’ old duties, clearly having a thrill running up his leg when Cuomo lists the death toll in the Big Apple. NBC News anchor Lester Holt tells Cuomo he could have mistaken him for a leader “sending soldiers off to war.”

Here’s one thing that should be setting off an alarm in your head by this point. Cuomo’s briefings are almost exclusively about conditions in New York. That is, of course, completely as it should be. He’s the Governor of the state and it’s his job to keep New Yorkers informed in a time of crisis. But the networks are blasting this information around the entire country. What sort of value are people in Arkansas, Idaho or Arizona getting from these briefings? And meanwhile, updates from the federal response, applying to everyone in the country, are frequently not being shown.

Of course, it wasn’t always this way. You don’t have to go too far in the Way Back Machine to find a time when the press wasn’t nearly so excited to talk about Cuomo. And that’s because most of the headlines he was generating were uniformly bad, and bad news about Democrats doesn’t make for good ratings on most of these networks.

And yet, it’s all out there on the record for those who wish to see. As I reminded people when there was a lot of buzz about Cuomo replacing Joe Biden at the top of the ticket, the oppo file on Andrew Cuomo is long indeed.

The last thing I’ll offer is a warning to Democrats that Cuomo’s moment in the sun recently doesn’t erase his very problematic past, so even if they were inclined to tank Uncle Joe, they might want to consider someone else. Let’s not forget that there are more skeletons in Cuomo’s closet than in your average Halloween haunted house. During his time as governor, Cuomo has been involved in so many campaign finance, fundraising and appropriation scandals that books could be written on the subject. So many of his associates, cronies and former aides are either currently in prison or avoided jail time with plea deals on things like bid-rigging that they could start their own prison baseball team. Others were convicted of bribing judges and one of his longest-serving aides who he frequently described as being “more like a brother” got six years for lining his own pockets out of a massive, failed “stimulus” scheme known as the Buffalo Billion.

But hey… don’t let me rain on your parade. If this is who you want to prop up as your shadow president, have a party, pal.

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