Video: Pelosi tears up Trump speech

“The greatest is still to appear,” Donald Trump had just mentioned, when Nancy Pelosi offered it to him. Even before Trump turned to stroll off the phase, the Household Speaker manufactured a exhibit of tearing up his speech whilst the cameras ended up nonetheless pointed at the dais:

To be truthful, Trump had remaining Pelosi hanging when he 1st arrived on the dais, ignoring her outstretched hand immediately after handing her the copy of the speech. Evidently there is not a great deal enjoy lost involving these two reportedly they have not spoken since October, when the impeachment drive started in earnest. Both of those of them routinely slag the other in public, and almost certainly have worse to say about each other in non-public.

This, however, is just petty beyond belief, and in addition it is not hers to rip up. The Point out of the Union concept is a constitutional requirement, and his supply to the Speaker is the formal duplicate (as is the delivery to the Vice President as president of the Senate). Naturally, they’ll get another copy, but this is a disrespectful stop to what experienced been a really great but straightforward SOTU.

I suspect that some on the Still left will cheer this, but like the turnout in Iowa, they’ll be stunned when they find a ton of people today they count on to giggle along have not materialized in anywhere in the vicinity of the figures they forecast.


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