This girl is on fire! BLM thug tells Martha MacCallum to check her white privilege and it’s off to the races!

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(Video: Fox News)

New York City residents who have been abused and terrorized by criminals during the lamentable tenure of Mayor Bill de Blasio are hoping for a restoration of order when his term ends this month, opening the door for new leadership when Eric Adams takes the helm.

The former police captain who will replace Hizzoner has promised a tougher approach to law enforcement including the restoration of the city’s plainclothes unit which was disbanded last summer as mayhem erupted in Gotham following the unfortunate death of George Floyd, a move that has led to rampant crime perpetrated by those who have been emboldened by de Blasio’s handcuffing of police.

One New Yorker who is determined to stand in the new mayor’s way when it comes to reinstating the unit is Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome, a man who threatened that there will be “riots” and “bloodshed” if Adams reinstates the unit.

On Friday, Newsome appeared on “The Story” where he assailed Adams and his policies during a contentious interview with Martha MacCallum where he constantly talked over the Fox News host while trying to control the conversation, at one point accusing her of coming from a place of “white privilege.”

Newsome, who was wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words “Critical Race Theory is American History,” repeatedly interrupted MacCallum during the segment that began with a video of the BLM kingpin’s explosive suggestion of violence over a crackdown on Big Apple crime.

After Newsome accused Adams of “engaging in a political circus” and has used his words to get media attention with a series of talk show appearances, MacCallum pointed out the explosion in crime since de Blasio broke up the plainclothes unit.

“So since that unit was disbanded, we’ve seen homicides almost double in New York City, so he’s saying I want a safe city and a lot of New Yorkers respond to that really positively,” she said. “They want a safe city. They want to be able to go out into the streets, they don’t want people breaking the windows and stealing stuff, they want to see children safe on the streets, what is wrong with anything that he just said there?”

Newsome declined to answer the question and instead ripped Adams, saying, “Well, here’s the problem, the man does not have a plan, he’s about to be the …”

MacCallum shot back, “Yes he does have a plan. He’s going to put the anti-crime police unit back on the street?”

“Wait, wait wait, wait, can you listen?” asked Newsome, “Can you listen, can you listen? Or are you gonna yell at me or are you gonna let me make my point? You just talked…”

The activist then deflected the question entirely by noting that New York isn’t the only city where crime has exploded.

“There’s not a tangible plan,” he said, “the things that he’s saying, precision policing, focusing on gangs, these are all things that de Blasio said, crime isn’t just up in New York City, it’s up around the country, so what is he going to do that’s different other than talk?”

After getting her word in that Adams is going to be the mayor of New York City and that he wants to put the unit back on the street, MacCallum continued, “I spoke with a New York City detective when that unit was disbanded, he said, you mark my words, there are gonna be kids dying, this is gonna be really bad,” putting the stats on the screen showing the 21 children who have been violently killed.

She then asked, “The purpose of this unit that he wants to put back on the street – this is his plan, you asked what his plan was – was to clean up illegal guns, violence, and hard drugs on the street, so I’m asking you, what is wrong with putting this unit back on the street if it keeps children of New York City and adults safer?”

Newsome again dodged.

“Ok, there’s this thing called the Constitution,” he said, “and the Fourth Amendment protects us against illegal search and seizure.”

“Secondly, this unit has been responsible for the most high profile deaths in the city,” he added. “He isn’t saying what he’s going to do differently, for your journalistic integrity, just ask the right questions, what is his actual plan? He’s just talking and drumming up news stories so that we can get this back and forth going, between two black men and instead of talking about the things we agreed upon.”

The conversation then turned to Newsome’s charitable work, something that the host both acknowledged and praised before the interview again descended into a back and forth with repeated rude interruptions by the activist who is clearly intent at being a major thorn in the side for Mayor Adams.

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