‘Real men’ clean war memorials vandalized by left-wing jerks

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The contrast between those who built and those who destroy could not have been more apparent in a recent scene in London, England.

Taking their cue from radical left protesters in America, a liberal mob in the U.K. defaced a statue of Sir Winston Churchill and the Cenotaph on the 76th anniversary of D-Day.

Daily Telegraph journalist Miranda Devine shared a video on Twitter showing what appears to be off-duty soldiers cleaning the memorial.

“These are real men,” the conservative columnist tweeted. “Builders, not wreckers. Protectors, not vandals. Workers, not slackers. Warriors, not wimps. They are the agents of civilization through the ages.”

Located on Whitehall, near the Prime Minister’s official Downing Street residence, the Cenotaph — “empty tomb” — is a national war memorial constructed and dedicated to the memory of “the glorious dead” in the First World War, according to News Break.

In response to the vandalism, the statue of Churchill was crated up where it stood for protection.

And if you think things are nuts here in the states, across the pond the Brits actually unboxed Churchill during a visit from French President Emmanuel Macron — it’s not clear if “the man who saved Western civilization” was boxed up again after the visit.

Devine also shared a photo of Catholics cleaning the statue of King Louis IX, in St. Louis, Missouri — the city is named after the monarch.

The rage mob is demanding it be removed from public property, claiming King Louis IX was “anti-Semitic, Islamophobic and an anti-black crusader.”

And while it’s encouraging to see citizens take it upon themselves to undo the damage done by poorly informed mobs, the missing factor here is accountability for the people responsible for the vandalism.

It was on that note that President Trump signed a “powerful” executive order Friday that will provide further legal protection for statues and federal monuments that are on public lands.

The order instructs federal law enforcement agencies to prosecute those who damage federal monuments, and threatens funding for state and local governments that fail to protect their own public monuments and statues, CBS News reported.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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