Police Say Thank You to Hospital Staff with Heart-Shaped Display

First responders from Laconia, New Hampshire, orchestrated a heartwarming gesture to thank local hospital staff for their tireless work in recent weeks.

Members of the Laconia Police Department partnered with local fire and EMT personnel to give a warm thank-you to the medical workers at the Lakes Region General Hospital.

On Sunday, squad cars parked in the shape of a heart in front of the hospital’s main entrance.

In the center of the heart was a white-lettered message reading, “LPD thanks you!”

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“All of these hard-working medical professionals are truly on the front lines and are the heart and soul in this battle against this deadly virus! We appreciate them and simply wanted to say, ‘THANK YOU!’ the LPD wrote on social media.

The department went on to explain its desire to spread cheer and encouragement to hospital workers, arranging for the thank-you to take place during an evening shift change.

“We appreciate our medical professionals and are honored and proud to support them!!” the post concluded.

Those at work Sunday evening glimpsed the patrol cars with flashing lights from hospital windows, understanding these lights were a sign of solidarity and appreciation.

Kevin Donovan, CEO and president of LRGHealthcare, told WMUR-TV he and the hospital staff appreciated the display, noting the important unity between police and fire personnel and medical care workers.

“They’re about taking care of each other and they’re about supporting each other and it’s about showing each other, you know, coming together to take care of everybody,” Donovan said. “It’s really nice.”

Laconia Chief of Police Matt Canfield was also impressed by the display, telling WMUR that the health care workers are heroes.

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“What a great way to show our appreciation,” Canfield said.

“This all about them. This is all about our health care workers.”

Canfield added the department was inspired by a Florida police department that performed something similar for local health care workers.

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