Op-Ed: The Left Is Using Injustice as a Weapon


The Obamas had eight years to model racial reconciliation and promote healing.

Instead, they encouraged suspicion, division, anger and violence.

They talked about equality and fairness. They gave lip service to a unified front against injustice.

Yet any time an opportunity arose, they blamed racist America, indicating most Americans are racists.

The Obamas were not alone.

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Joining them in the never-ending and largely untrue characterization was an army of comrades more than willing to castigate the nation that ended slavery, doing more than most to improve civil rights and equal protection.

The Clintons, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders and the rest joined the Obamas, spewing venom the mob was happy to lap up.

They turned the clock back 60 years, advocating hatred and every kind of anti-American activism.

Throwing gas on the fire at every turn while starting new fires with each dry season, they grew the mob, a mob goaded by the likes of Al Sharpton and the usual suspects, including antifa and related evildoers.

Do you think the left has turned the George Floyd protests into violent riots?

When was the perfect time to unleash the mob, fully grown and fully goaded? In the middle of a pandemic of course!

The tragic and unjust killing of George Floyd is being exploited through violence to forward the agenda of “fundamental transformation,” which now requires a “new normal,” according to Obama.

The police officer accused of murdering Floyd has been arrested and charged and he will be prosecuted along with other officers at the scene of the crime.

But this is not enough.

The entire nation must suffer and be humiliated with more false accusations, and still the mob will scream “injustice.”

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Injustice characterizes movements that have no head and no heart, political and cultural movements that find their sole purpose in lashing out to sever all good binding ties. Injustice comes from powers insisting forever on violence and division, hatred and strife.

Injustice is found in the unending race-baiting that pits people against one another, victimizing everyone. Injustice is the primary weapon of leftists, people who will never stop until they stand on top of a pile of rubble.

Injustice is also found when criminals hijack legitimate protests to forward evil agendas hiding behind a presumed moral superiority which is evil compounded.

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