Ominous: Biden stumbles up Air Force One stairs on way to open Summit of the Americas

Joe Biden is in Los Angeles hosting the three-day Summit of the Americas. The goal of the summit is to encourage unity among countries and promote cooperation on issues like illegal migration, economic development, and, of course, climate change. However, the president of Mexico is boycotting the summit, as are the leaders of Northern Triangle countries. That’s not a good sign for cooperation on stemming the flood of illegal migrants coming to the southern border.

In what may be an ominous sign of coming stumbles by Biden and Kamala during the summit, Joe Biden stumbled as he walked up the stairs to Air Force One as he left Washington, D.C. His stumble didn’t appear to be as pronounced as the major spill he took in March 2021 but it was noticeable. The press was already grumbling that Biden didn’t take questions as he left the White House and doesn’t have a press conference planned during the summit. He did, however, have an appearance scheduled on the Jimmy Kimmel show in Los Angeles, the first network interview he has conducted in about four months. Priorities.

Biden began his fraught ascension of the plane’s stairs after declining to take questions from reporters, who grumbled during the flight to Los Angeles about Biden’s lack of press availability.

The commander in chief’s stagger went largely unnoticed, in part because footage was not immediately published by TV outlets such as C-SPAN, which have access to unfiltered pool feeds.

Nice of the press to cover for him. Again. Just imagine if the previous president had tripped for a second time going up those stairs. It would be the top story on cable news for the next week.

As for tackling illegal migration with Latin American countries, don’t expect much to come of this summit. Biden failed to get the main players to come to the summit. Even the New York Times admits that Biden hoped to “reassert U.S. leadership in the region and make diplomatic progress on a variety of fronts, but his efforts are already facing severe challenges.”

His call to “get to work building the future this region deserves” was undercut days ago when several of the most prominent of its leaders declined to attend, citing the president’s refusal to invite the leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

But Mr. Biden proceeded on Wednesday night as if the snub had made no difference, saying that the gathering in Los Angeles would announce what he called “a groundbreaking, integrated new approach to managing migration and sharing responsibility across the hemisphere.”

White House officials have declined to offer specifics, but people familiar with the effort said that governments had been working on pledges for each to accept a certain number of refugees from the region.

The man who marketed himself as the great uniter during his presidential campaign has failed to unite Americans and also other partners in Central and South America. His predecessor may have often behaved like a bull in a china shop but he was able to secure agreements with Mexico and Northern Triangle countries to slow illegal migration. Foreign leaders may not have liked Trump but they knew he meant business and worked with him. The problem for the United States now is that world leaders don’t respect Joe Biden. He is often a laughingstock and looks weak and feeble. He sent his wife to Central and South America to beg leaders to come to the summit and that apparently didn’t work, either.

As continues to happen, Biden and his administration make sweeping declarations and provide no details. Simply saying that other governments are pledging to work with the Biden administration and accept migrants doesn’t hold up. Take a look at the current caravan of about 15,000 migrants walking the length of Mexico to come to the US border. Mexico is not only not stopping them, it’s issuing visas to them so that they move through the country without problems. What would it look like if they refused to work with the administration?

Critics have questioned the value of such a declaration without the leaders of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador — which generate almost 66 percent of the migration to the United States border every year — in attendance.

Administration officials said that those countries supported the effort, despite their absence. In his remarks, Mr. Biden said the declaration “represents a mutual commitment to invest in regional solutions that enhance stability, increase opportunities for safe and orderly migration.”

Joe and Kamala will announce two initiatives at the summit today. They aim to tackle climate change and boost clean energy. Because, of course.

The initiatives showcase the White House’s push to promote cooperation on climate change across the Western Hemisphere, even as Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador skips the summit in a blow to Biden’s pleas for regional unity.

Harris will unveil the first initiative, dubbed the U.S.-Caribbean Partnership to Address the Climate Crisis 2030, before meeting with Caribbean leaders on Thursday. The goal of the partnership is to “elevate U.S. cooperation with Caribbean countries to support climate adaptation and strengthen energy security, while building the resilience of critical infrastructure and local economies to the climate crisis,” according to a White House fact sheet.

The second major program, dubbed the Renewable Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean initiative, calls for reaching 70 percent installed capacity for renewable energy generation in the region’s electricity sector by 2030. Five new countries — Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, Argentina and Brazil — will announce their intent to participate on Thursday, joining 15 existing members.

In addition, the administration will work with regional development banks to unlock financing for clean energy projects in these countries. And as part of the Amazonia Connect program, the United States will provide $12 million to support Brazil, Colombia and Peru in reducing commodity-driven deforestation.

In other words, the administration who tells us that solving root causes of illegal migration is their top priority is doing nothing different than previous administrations. They are promising millions of taxpayer dollars to countries who have corrupt leaders who will take the money and little will actually be seen by their people. If American taxpayer dollars solved the problems of Central America, the problems would have already been solved. Team Biden has no new ideas.

The Summit of the Americas sounds like a waste of time. Biden has bungled the list of attendees willing to show up and he won’t even hold press opportunities. What happened to all the transparency, Joe? But, hey, he went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, so there’s that. He continues to allow friendly celebrities to push his messages and garner attention. Now we’re on gaffe alert with Biden and cackle alert with Kamala.

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