Notre Dame Football Players Put NFL’s ‘Unity’ to Shame with Their Pregame Gathering

Whether it’s the Wildcat formation or the spread offense, the NFL has never had a problem taking a page out of college football trends.

Perhaps they should borrow this one, too.

With college football starting in earnest this weekend, many eyes are going to be glued to the television to see their alma maters and favorite teams begin a potential march toward bowl season.

But it’s what those eyes missed that might be the best storyline to emerge thus far from college football’s return.

Amid the social and economic unrest that has ravaged the United States in 2020, it was beyond pleasant to see a moment of unity that wasn’t meant for the cameras or for show:

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Take a look at what NFL coaching legend and outspoken Christian Tony Dungy tweeted out Saturday:

Dungy, who called his first college football game as Duke visited Notre Dame, tweeted out a candid photo of the home team’s players and coaches gathering midfield for prayer.

Will you be watching college football this year?

It wasn’t a big production and it certainly wasn’t a stunt with a high-powered PR machine behind it.

In other words, it was the polar opposite of what NFL fans were subjected to before this week’s “Thursday Night Football” NFL season opener:

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The Notre Dame football team wasn’t trying to showboat, pander or lecture.

That’s a stark contrast to the way the NFL insisted on bombarding viewers with social justice messaging and shows of so-called unity.

As for Notre Dame’s actual on-field football product, expectations are relatively high going into the season for the 10th-ranked Fighting Irish. They’ll be playing in a very tough ACC division that features perennial powerhouse Clemson and up-and-coming teams like North Carolina and Miami.

Regardless of how good Notre Dame ends up being this year, Dungy may have already seen the Fighting Irish’s biggest “W” of the year thanks to the faith-driven unity the team showed before a single second of actual football was played.

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