Newborn Baby Miraculously Survives Car Wreck Minutes After Being Born

At a time when everyone is being inundated with negative news, it’s nice to see something go right for a change.

On April 13, one Georgia family narrowly avoided tragedy as a series of miraculous events all took place over the course of a few minutes.

After 23-year-old Crysten D’ve Graham gave birth to a daughter, Cea Tiyanna Anderson, in the back of an SUV, the vehicle crashed into a power pole in Lilburn, ABC News reported.

Graham’s mother, Chrys Yvette Jones, and Graham’s 14-month-old daughter, Tai Anderson, were also in the vehicle.

Graham, who was due to give birth on April 19, began feeling pains earlier that day, which prompted the family to get in the SUV and head to the hospital.

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Only one mile into their trip, Graham gave birth to her daughter, Cea, in the backseat.

“My daughter was saying ‘I think it’s coming,’” Jones said.

“She remembered her breathing techniques, because she had her other baby last year and she was able to do it herself.”

It was only a few minutes later that they vehicle began hydroplaning, struck a power pole, spun and then crashed into a brick fence.

After crawling out of the wreckage, the family realized newborn Cea was unaccounted for and began to panic.

“We started to look for the baby and then all of a sudden the police were there,” Jones said.

It was then that Lilburn Police officers Daniel Bride and Cepeda Huf arrived on the scene and quickly searched through the wreckage. They soon found the baby behind the backseat, relatively unharmed with only a scratch on her nose.

After seeing what was left of the vehicle, Jones was amazed that any of them had made it out alive.

“When I went to the impound and saw the car, it made no sense that we were all able to make it,” Jones said. “Those officers really went above and beyond. We just can’t wait to thank and bless them in person.”

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Later, in an interview with WAGA-TV, Jones encapsulated the event perfectly.

“It was just unbelievable to me,” she said. “God just really — it was a miracle. That baby’s a miracle.”

Ten days after the accident, Cea Anderson was finally able to go home with her mother and grandmother.

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