New Poll Shows Biden’s Approval Rating Has Declined to Lowest Point, Now Trails Trump

President Joe Biden’s support among Americans continues to slip.

In April 2021, a Fox News poll found that 54 percent of respondents gave Biden a favorable rating and 44 percent gave him a negative one.

Since then, every Fox poll has shown Biden going lower, and lower, and lower.

The most recent poll, conducted this month, showed that only 42 percent of Americans think Biden is doing a good job, while 57 percent give him an unfavorable rating.

Fox noted that many of the voting blocs that were crucial to Biden’s 2020 victory over former President Donald Trump have now soured on Biden.


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Among voters under 30, 60 percent give Biden a negative rating. Biden’s standing among Hispanics is only slightly better, with 55 percent giving Biden a thumbs down. Among women, 53 percent give Biden a negative rating.

Unsurprisingly, Biden gets his strongest support from Democrats, but his 81 percent support in the newest poll is his lowest ever, Fox reported. Only 9 percent of Republicans support what Biden is doing.

Meanwhile, 28 percent of liberals and 59 percent of moderates are giving Biden negative reviews.

“This is a very tight spot for Biden,” Democratic pollster Chris Anderson said.

Did you think Biden would be this bad?

“If he moves to stabilize his ratings on the left, it could easily lead to more erosion in the middle and hurt his re-election prospects. But if he doesn’t address his problems on the left, his ratings could really crater.”

Republican pollster Daron Shaw said that the actions of the Biden administration have tarnished Biden’s image.

“Part of Biden’s strength as a politician is that he has always been viewed as a good guy,” he said.

“But the data suggest his image has taken a hit as views of his administration’s performance have soured. I’m not sure how he gets that goodwill back.”

The poll showed Trump has higher ratings than Biden, although even Trump did not break the barrier of 50 percent support.


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The poll showed Trump with a 44 percent favorable rating and a 54 percent unfavorable rating.

For the sake of context, Fox noted that in a June 2018 poll, Trump was at 45 percent favorable and 53 percent unfavorable.

The poll was conducted from June 10 to June 13 among 1,002 registered voters with a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points.

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