Marquise Love gets 20 months for assault and rioting

You probably remember Marquise Love even if you don’t remember his name. Back in August he was filmed kicking Adam Haner in the face from behind so hard that Haner was knocked unconscious in the street. This happened in Portland in the context of nightly BLM protests:

Love eventually turned himself in and wound up pleading guilty to assault. Earlier this week he was sentenced:

A 26-year-old man was sentenced to prison Monday after pleading guilty to third-degree assault and felony riot, according to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

Marquise Lee Love was sentenced to 20 months in prison after “months of pretrial negotiations and a judicial settlement conference,” according to the district attorney’s office. Love admitted that he was helped by another person to cause physical injury to the victim, identified as Adam Haner, and “that he and others engaged in tumultuous and violent conduct and created a grave risk of causing public alarm.”

Once he has served his time, Love will also have three years of probation, violation of which could send him back to prison for another 20 months.

In case you’ve forgotten some of the details of this case, Love was part of a small group of people who came directly from a BLM protest that was taking place that night. Speakers at the protest had endorsed violence. Love and others began harassing people on the street including a trans homeless person who was robbed.

Adam Haner happened to be getting a drink at 7-11 when this was happening. He did his best to intervene between the homeless person and Love. That’s when the violent group turned on him. Haner would later say, “Their whole chaos came right at me instead of the person they were trying to aim it at.”

Haner got in his truck and left but Love’s group was still angry and accused him of trying to run over people with his truck (which wasn’t true). They chased him through the streets and suddenly Haner’s power steering went out and he crashed into a tree when trying to make a turn. Love and others caught up to him, pulled him out of the truck and began beating him in the street.

After the assault, Haner received stiches in the hospital. His girlfriend expressed anger over what happened but Haner did not, saying he hoped Love would learn something: “I’m not seeking vengeance. I hope he learns something from what happened. I wasn’t the enemy, I’ll tell you that. I was just the guy standing there and I was white, evidently.”

Here’s video of what led up to the moment when Love and his group turned on Haner. Lots of NSFW languange here. All of this took place just two weeks before an Anitfa supporter who attended multiple protests/riots murdered a man on the street in Portland.

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