Let It Go: Choked Up Hillary Clinton Reads Her ‘Victory Speech’ from the 2016 Election – Video

For only $15 a month, you, too, can hear a victory speech presented by a losing candidate.

That’s right. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s victory speech from her 2016 presidential campaign is now among the offerings brought to you by Masterclass, an online subscription service that includes video lessons on a wide range of topics.

You might never have heard it, because Clinton got walloped by former President Donald Trump.

But as part of the marketing pitch for signing up to hear it on Masterclass, Clinton did a spot on NBC’s “Today,” where she explained that she had never even bothered to consider a concession speech, and offered remarks that the nation never heard. On Wednesday, the segment was posted on YouTube.


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“In this lesson, I’m going to face one of my most public defeats head-on by sharing with you the speech I had hoped to deliver if I had won the 2016 election,” Clinton says in the video.

Hearing the speech for the candidate who categorically denied “pay to play” allegations regarding the Clinton Foundation requires a subscription to the website Masterclass.

Subscriptions begin at $15 a month and go up to $23 a month.

“I’ve never shared this with anybody. I’ve never read this out loud. But it helps to encapsulate who I am, what I believe in, and what my hopes were for the kind of country that I want for my grandchildren, and that I want for the world, that I believe in that is America at its best,” Clinton said, according to Today.

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“My fellow Americans, today you sent a message to the whole world,” Clinton said, as she launched the speech she never gave.

“Our values endure. Our democracy stands strong. And our motto remains: e pluribus unum. Out of many, one,” she said.

“We will not be defined only by our differences,” Clinton said. “We will not be an us versus them country. The American dream is big enough for everyone. Through a long, hard campaign, we were challenged to choose between two very different visions for America. How we grow together, how we live together, and how we face a world full of peril and promise together.”

Clinton spoke about gender, one of the critical issues of her candidacy.

“I’ve met women who were born before women had the right to vote. They’ve been waiting a hundred years for tonight,” she said. “I’ve met little boys and girls who didn’t understand why a woman has never been president before. Now they know, and the world knows, that in America, every boy and every girl can grow up to be whatever they dream — even president of the United States.”


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Clinton, who in the campaign slammed Trump supporters as “deplorables,” gushed about unity.

“If you dig deep enough through all the mud of politics, eventually you hit something hard and true,” she said. “A foundation of fundamental values that unite us as Americans. You proved that today.

“In a country divided by race and religion, class and culture, and often paralyzing partisanship, a broad coalition of Americans embraced a shared vision of a hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted America,” she said.

Not everyone gushed over the performance.

The speech as presented by Today also included a long segment in which Clinton spoke about her mother and appeared to become weepy as she did.

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