Kamala’s puff piece in Elle magazine: Here is why she tore up her notes before victory speech in 2016

Elle magazine has Kamala Harris on its cover this month and inside of the magazine is an interview with her. To say it is a softball interview is an understatement. While the author of the piece prefaces her interview with Senator Harris by saying she has “trust issues” and doesn’t “sugarcoat her words” it soon becomes clear that she has no such problems, at least in this interview. It’s a total puff piece.

Women’s magazines like Elle are written to reach liberal women. If conservative women read them, that’s fine, but they are not the target audience. Women’s magazines make the assumption that all women think alike and those thoughts are not conservative ones. It’s why there is an absolute blackout of Melania Trump when it comes to traditional exposure with women magazine readers. Melania is a beautiful woman, a former model with the best wardrobe of any First Lady, and yet she is ignored because of disdain for Republicans and of course of her husband. Think back to the celebrity status given to Michelle Obama. That same treatment is now reserved for Kamala, at least until the election is over. If Kamala becomes the first woman vice-president, and, more specifically the first black woman vice-president, she will receive four years of adoration.

Frankly, Kamala Harris is not particularly likable as a candidate. This is why she had difficulty in the Democrat presidential primary and had to drop out in December before a single primary vote was taken. She wasn’t even Hollywood’s favorite primary candidate. She landed some blows to Joe Biden in the debates – calling him out for his friendship with segregationists in the Senate and calling him racist. In the Elle interview, though, none of that was mentioned. If Joe doesn’t get elected, she doesn’t either.

I have a couple of takeaways from the article. The first comes from the very end of the article. Kamala’s 2016 victory night was discussed. I tend to forget that she is still in her first term as a senator. She came into her national office the same night President Trump was elected. What the interview reveals is her desire to use her victory to get Trump out of office. When asked about the significance of becoming the second black woman elected to the Senate, she speaks of talking to her family and friends during a small dinner she held that night before going to the campaign victory celebration. Her godson, then seven years old, came over to her crying, she says, and asks her a question. “Auntie Kamala, they’re not going to let that man win, are they?” Let that man win? What kind of propaganda is that child being subjected to anyway? No one let Trump win, he was voted into office by winning the Electoral College.

What will that mean for us? She relays a story about the night she became the second Black woman in history elected to the U.S. Senate. “In every one of my elections, part of our routine is we do a small friends-and-family dinner before we go to the campaign night celebration.” She explains that it was looking like the election was going to be called for Donald Trump. “My godson, Alexander, who was seven years old at the time, came up to me, crying, and said, ‘Auntie Kamala, they’re not going to let that man win, are they?’ And you know the babies in your life.…” She closes her eyes and swallows. “I held him. I mean, it still brings me pain to remember how he felt, and what it made me feel, which is that I needed to protect this child. I had one way, in my mind, I thought the evening would go. And then there was the way it turned out. And so by the time I took the stage, I had ripped up my notes, and all I had was Alexander in my heart. And I took the podium and I said, ‘I intend to fight. I intend to fight.’” If there’s anything we can know about Senator Kamala Harris, it’s that. When it comes to freedom, she will fight.

If she has a godson precocious enough to be asking about an American presidential election at the age of seven, shouldn’t someone take a minute and explain the basics of the election process? Why didn’t “Auntie Kamala” address his question properly? Yeah, we know why. Democrats are perpetual victims and that includes being victimized by the election of Hillary Clinton’s opponent. Instead, she says she was so moved that she only had him on her mind when it was time to deliver her acceptance speech and she tore up her prepared remarks. Color me skeptical but open to the story since she truly does suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The second takeaway is the fact that Kamala’s past record as a prosecutor in California and the state’s attorney general is not discussed, either. It is all glossed over with Kamala saying she’s evolved now, you know. That was then, this is now. She now says she supports “the brilliance of the Black Lives Matter movement,” and is “engaging in multiple conversations” about police conduct and criminal justice reforms. And, just like that, the topic shifted. She now supports Black Lives Matter, a movement founded by self-avowed Marxists. She’s gone from the top law enforcement official in California to a wannabe Marxist. What could go wrong when Joe Biden allows her to run the show in the Oval Office?

At this point, she’s all for police conduct and criminal justice reforms, some of which she already has experience implementing as a San Francisco district attorney and then as California’s attorney general. Her ideas about the best ways to demand and achieve justice have gotten more progressive over time, but she still faces criticism about her past as a prosecutor. She is not ashamed of having evolved her perspective and hopes the current moment is the beginning of something, not the end. “What I hope and pray is that we can get to a point where, through what are undoubtedly difficult conversations, we confront the real history of America,” Harris says. “Doing it in a way that is motivated by love, but also is fully honest.”

It’s interesting that such a heavy emphasis is placed on her race – as the first black woman on a presidential ticket. She, like her friend and supporter Barack Obama, is bi-racial. She was raised by her Indian mother, not her Jamaican father. The black identity box is the more important one to check off. Joe Biden needs black voters to turn out in November and their enthusiasm for him has been less than strong so far.

This post will be published either after the vice-presidential debate or during it. I’ll be curious to see how Kamala handles herself. Both she and Pence are experienced debaters. One ‘tell’ I’ve noticed about Kamala is that her laugh, which usually sounds like a cackle, gets a little more manic-sounding when she is nervous or wants to change the subject. I’ll be looking for that. She can talk about love and light and unity all wants but she usually shows herself to be an aggressive, nasty debater.

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