‘I don’t call on activists’: Kayleigh McEnany in no mood to play nice with biased WH press corps

At this point, it’s clear that White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has had her fill of the media jackals that make up the White House press pool.

These elitist reporters engage daily in a dishonest game of “gotcha,” looking to score political points against a president they hate, journalistic integrity be damned.


At a press briefing on Friday, a disrespectful reporter threw protocol aside and called out, “When will you admit you lost the election?”

While it’s not clear who the reporter was, this has been a common antic from Brian Karem, a joke of a reporter who carries the title of chief White House correspondent for Playboy magazine.

When the briefing ended, McEnany began to walk away from the lectern as some in the room called out questions.

Like a boss, she paused briefly and leaned back into the microphone to say, with a smile, “I don’t call on activists.”

That she directed this at CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins made the moment all that much more priceless.

After being thoroughly shut down, Collins proceeded to prove McEnany right when she engaged in a petty critique of the White House spokesperson’s job.

“I’m not an activist and you haven’t taken questions since October 1st,” she shouted. “And you just took about five, Kayleigh. That’s not doing your job — your taxpayer-funded job!”

Further proving McEnany’s case, Jake Tapper, an anchor at “Fake News” CNN, as President Trump often refers to the left-leaning political network, responded with a equally petty remark, claiming Collins “is an activist for the truth and for facts. And she will still be in that room after January 20, 2021.”

Aside from his Supreme Court picks, Trump’s last couple of selections for White House press secretary may be among his best decisions — just when you think no one could top Sarah Sanders when it came to standing up the largely corrupt press pool, McEnany stepped right in without missing a beat.

Actor James Woods weighed in to call McEnany “a delight,” adding that he will miss her when she’s gone. He also suggested that the “activist cadre at #CNN will be out of business with Biden.”

“Throwing softball questions about his favorite ice cream will hardly be ratings bait,” Woods tweeted.

Collins’ liberal media cohorts rallied around her — because that’s what they do. But there were some entertaining responses to the story, as well.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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