Brian Kilmeade pushes back after Fox News network joins mask-shaming crusade

“Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy on Thursday wondered aloud Thursday when the wearing of masks in public during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic “became political,” after suggesting that science proves they work to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

“For some reason, over the last couple of weeks, a month, masks have become political. But the science of masks is not,” Doocy said ahead of introducing Dr. Janette Nesheiwat, a family and emergency medicine physician who sees coronavirus patients daily.

During her segment, Nesheiwat explained that, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, wearing a mask in public can reduce the spread of coronavirus by 17 percent, compared to just 3 percent without one.

She also said other measures such as social distancing are important as well.

Later in the segment, co-host Brian Kilmeade pushed back a bit on the ‘wear a mask’ narrative, noting that there has been confusion regarding the practice from the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

“When Anthony Fauci was asked about it, he said ‘Do I wear a mask? Well, I don’t go out much.’ Now all of a sudden we are terrible people if we’re slow to get on the mask train,” he said.

“Now you want to wear a mask, okay, but don’t vilify people that are slow to do it because we are getting a lot of mixed messages, and it wasn’t just from the president. It was from our lauded scientists that weren’t on the same page including the surgeon general who told us it didn’t work,” he added.

“Okay,” co-host Ainsley Earhart interjected, “use sanitizer, wear a mask, social distance, those are the rules.”

“You should always have the mask nearby,” Doocy added, pulling one out. “Mine’s always right there in my pocket,” he added, as he placed it over his face.

On March 8, Fauci said during a “60 Minutes” interview that “right now, in the United States, people should not be walking around wearing masks.”

He has since said on many occasions that wearing masks in public is recommended. Also since that interview, Fauci explained that the government misled Americans on masks because they were in such short supply at the time and were needed for healthcare personnel.

Kilmeade also noted that U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams initially said the same thing — “STOP BUYING MASKS” — in a Feb. 29 tweet.

Fox News hosts, including prime-time star Sean Hannity, have advocated for wearing masks in public. But others, such as Tucker Carlson, have questioned them.

In May, he blasted the mainstream media’s hypocrisy over their “mask rage,” noting that decades of “science and data” have shown that “going outside is vital to your health” and that doing so “makes you healthier and less vulnerable” to coronavirus.

“Indoors is where doctors of science and data on MSNBC claims you must remain. CNN and MSNBC are not bringing you science and data, they are peddling panic and reckless moral judgment, and it’s having an awful effect on this country,” he said, noting that the virus actually spreads more easily indoors, according to studies.

There has also been debate over whether the wearing of masks is healthy or even whether they are effective against spreading the virus.

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