Brain-washed whites convulsing from White Guilt make pledge of allegiance to black people

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White leftists in Maryland publicly humiliated and prostrated themselves by making a groveling pledge of allegiance to black people in a cult-like ceremony.

Hundreds of white people convulsing from pathological White Guilt gathered in front of the Connie Morella Library in Bethesda, Maryland on Tuesday.

There, they dutifully recited a pledge of allegiance to black people by mindlessly chanting the words spoken by their black master:

“[I will not] allow racism, anti-violence or violence. I will use my voice in the most uplifting way possible and do everything in my power to educate my community. I will love my black neighbors the same as my white ones.”

(Source: Daily Caller)

This spectacle is the latest in the string of bizarre incidents where self-flagellating white people infected with White Guilt grovel and kneel before black people due to the injustices stemming from slavery — an institution that countless white men died fighting to end 155 years ago.

This repulsive video of a white woman dutifully kneeling on the sidewalk after an unidentified man told her to underscores everything that’s wrong with virtue-signaling white leftists and the opportunists who take advantage of them.

(Source: Twitter)

Keep in mind that the white Americans alive today do not own slaves and many of their ancestors probably didn’t, either. So why are they apologizing for slavery?

During the slavery era, only a small percentage of whites actually owned slaves. Why? Because only the wealthy (in the South) could afford slaves. And most Northerners did not have slaves.

The black Americans alive today were not slaves, and neither were their parents. So why do they ask today’s whites to apologize for an institution that white people ended in 1865?

Reminder: Black slavery still continues in many Muslim countries to this day. Where is the left-wing outrage?

As BizPac Review reported, a black Wall Street Journal reporter pointed out that the race wars being ignited by the media are based on the lie that white cops are constantly killing men. This is false.

This imaginary “inequality” is what leftists are rioting, looting, and beating random white people up over.

By the way, this is the thanks that virtue-signaling white leftists pandering to black people get:

Former liberal Brandon Straka is the founder of the #WalkAway from the Democratic Party movement.

Straka tweeted: “We’ve watched 1,000s of black people smash windows, burn buildings, beat people, loot. The majority of media is heroizing them and white people are lining up now to kneel and apologize 4 living. And nothing is said because people are afraid of being called racist. The white privilege narrative dies today.”

Civil rights activist Bob Woodson slammed the Black Lives Matter movement and the race-baiting Left for promoting the false narrative that “systemic racism” is oppressing black people.

“When Eric Holder was a U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., a lot of young people were shot by the police, but they were black police shooting black kids,” Woodson recalled. “And not one was prosecuted.”

He continued: “But there was no public outcry because as long as illegality or evil wears a black face, then it escapes detection and that’s what’s wrong with looking life through the prism of race.”

(Source: Tucker Carlson Tonight)

Woodson said the tragic irony is that black Democrat politicians (like Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton and Barack Obama) are shamelessly peddling the false narrative of “systemic racism” to cover up their abject failure to help black Americans when they were in positions of power over the past few decades.

“Race is being used to deflect attention away from the failures of the people running those institutions. The question is: Why are black kids failing in school systems run by their own people?

In the past 50 years, $22 trillion has been spent on poverty programs [to help black people]. Seventy percent goes not to the poor, but those who serve poor people.”

Bob Woodson continued: “So many of those people in office use this [federal taxpayer] money to create a class of people who are running these cities. And now after 50 years of liberal Democrats running the inner cities — where we have all these inequities — race is being used as a ruse, as a means of deflecting attention away from critical questions such as why are poor blacks failing in systems run by their own people?

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