Biden trips over himself with tone-deaf tweets, more calls for unity and false declarations NOT cutting it

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The 2020 presidential election is not officially certified yet but Joe Biden is already trying to act like he’s president.

In fact, the Democrat seems to be trying to take over President Trump’s masterful use of Twitter to get a message across to the American people, but is tripping over himself in the process. Not only did the former vice president tweet out that “America is back” on Tuesday, but he also called for the nation to “come together.”

“The election is over,” Biden declared from the planet where facts are apparently elusive.

“It’s time to put aside the partisanship and the rhetoric designed to demonize one another,” he tweeted. “We have to come together.”

Not surprisingly, he was immediately bashed for the tone-deaf call for unity and warm embraces.

“The President hasn’t conceded, half the country questions the preliminary count, legal challenges continue to work their way through the courts, and the electors don’t vote for 20 days,” conservative commentator, podcast host and author Michael Knowles fired back on Twitter. “The election is not over.”

“Ah, so are you done calling Trump supporters ‘chumps’ then?” Caleb Hull asked.

“I remember you pushing Russian collusion. I remember you talking about ‘beating the hell’ out of Donald Trump,” author and radio host Jesse Kelly tweeted. “So I won’t be setting aside anything just because you got your way.”

GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest also took a trip down memory lane.

But it seems Biden had only just begun. He took to Twitter again Tuesday afternoon to declare that “America is back.”

The sentiment stirred up a new wave of reactions as many noted the phrase’s uncanny ring of familiarity.

Others who were not fuming over the blatant revision of Trump’s rallying cry were perplexed by what the Democrat was actually trying to say.

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