Biden Admin Halts Evacuation Flights Out of Afghanistan After Taliban Demands Seats

A little over four months ago, President Joe Biden and his administration essentially handed the country of Afghanistan over to the Taliban.

Today, U.S. citizens and allies continue to suffer because of their utter failures.

According to The Associated Press, Afghanistan’s economy is “on the verge of collapse following the Taliban takeover.”


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Due to the devastating conditions and horrible atrocities committed by the Taliban, many Afghans are desperate to flee the country.

Yet thanks in part to the Biden administration’s previous failures, this has become exceedingly difficult.

According to The Times, the Taliban has demanded seats on evacuation flights meant to allow vulnerable Afghans to escape the oppressive regime.

The flights were chartered by the U.S. and conducted by Qatar Airways from Kabul to Doha, Qatar. The key word is “were.”

Is Biden to blame for this fiasco?

The Biden administration has now halted the evacuation flights over fears that the militants were using them to travel abroad to raise funds.

According to NBC News, U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price tried to blame the move on a dispute between the Taliban and Qatar.

“It is essential that Kabul airport remain operational to ensure safe passage, commerce and, above all, urgently needed humanitarian aid,” he said.

“The Qataris have been unfailing, generous and critical partners in this important work, and we support the quickest possible resolution to any disagreements.”

The U.S. had been coordinating with Qatar to arrange “one or two chartered flights a week,” NBC reported. At least some of those flights were for Afghan refugees ultimately headed for America.


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Even if the U.S. is not formally involved in the dispute between Qatar and the Taliban, it was the Biden administration that caused this fiasco in the first place.

If Biden had not created the chaos that allowed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan, the terrorists would not have the leverage to demand seats on any flight.

What’s more, the evacuation flights probably wouldn’t even be necessary if the Taliban had not taken control.

Four months removed from the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan, we can still clearly see the deleterious effects of Biden’s incompetency.

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