Animal Rights Activist Learns Painful Lesson After Storming of Basketball Court Turns Into Instant Defeat

An animal rights activist trying to disrupt an NBA basketball game barely made it onto the court before she was taken down by security guards and quickly removed.

The stunt was the third animal rights protest at Minnesota’s Target Center in the past 10 days, according to the New York Post.

Protesters are targeting Glen Taylor, a major stockholder of the Minnesota Timberwolves, over conditions at an Iowa chicken farm owned by Taylor.


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The Iowa Department of Agriculture said that the Iowa county where Taylor’s farm is located is one where several million birds were killed to stop an outbreak of avian flu.

Since then, members of the group Direct Action Everywhere have been protesting at the Target Center, beginning with a woman who glued her hand to the court.

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That protest was followed by one in which a woman chained herself to a support holding up the basketball net.

On Saturday, as the Timberwolves were playing the Memphis Grizzlies, a woman who was sitting in a second row courtside seat behind Taylor and was dressed in the garb of a referee pushed her way onto the court with 10:44 left in the third quarter.

The protester, identified as Sasha Zemmel of St. Louis, barely had a foot on the hardwood when security guards sprang into action and tackled her.

The game continued until the referees stopped play.


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Zemmel was quickly hauled away.

Zemmel’s jersey had the number 5.3 on it “in honor of the 5.3 million chickens killed” after a bird flu outbreak at the farm Taylor owns, the animal rights group said.

The group’s release said Zemmel “attempted to whistle to stop play as she approached Taylor at his courtside seat, to issue a ‘technical foul and ejection’ along with a ‘fine.’”

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