Alyssa Milano, Other Leftists Now Pushing for a Biden-Harris Ticket


It’s looking like the left has a new favorite for the coveted spot as presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate.

Speculation began to rage Tuesday as leftist actress Alyssa Milano participated in a fundraising event for the former vice president.

“I’m on a zoom fundraiser with [Joe Biden] and [California Sen. Kamala Harris],” Milano wrote. “I’m filled with hope. I feel like this MUST be the ticket. They’re an amazing team. The right team for this moment in history.”

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Shortly after the tweet went out, #BidenHarris2020 took off on Twitter.

Leftists, Democrats and liberals swooped in to push the possible ticket, celebrating the policies and stances of both politicians.

It’s unclear if Milano’s tweet is harmless speculation, a bit of insider knowledge or an attempt at Democratic astroturfing with a popular figure on the left.

Teaming up with Harris appears like it would create a potent ticket for Biden, who has struggled to shake a series of uncomfortable gaffes that have hounded him for months.

While Harris is a popular choice among liberals, her tenure as a San Francisco district attorney and as California’s attorney general creates some serious doubt that she is the politician America needs during this time of crisis.

During her time in office, she aggressively pursued marijuana charges despite the state’s impending legalization of the drug.

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Will Kamala Harris become Biden’s running mate?

On the 2020 campaign trail, where Harris once fought for the Democratic ticket herself, the former district attorney reversed course on marijuana convictions and now believes that the government should help fund some dispensaries that sell the narcotic.

It’s easy to see how Harris’ less than consistent views on crime and punishment would be a disaster for 2020 America.

At a time when riots burn through cities and a radical left-wing autonomous zone has been set up in Seattle, there’s no room for someone with a muddy idea of law and order in our country’s leadership.

Although Biden’s running mate is not known for certain, Harris has seemingly been at the top of the the former vice president’s short list for weeks.

With the November election mere months away, Biden’s pick could make or break his shot at the Oval Office.

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